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==Issue with omf vlc==

When executing the ruby experiment, the error on RC log saying:

Error while parsing configuration '/tmp/cong-vlc-test-1-test:app:vlc#1.xml' …... ERROR Config line 1: Unknown measurement point 'video'."

This error continues if comment the "app.defMeasurement('video')" part.

Got error: ERROR Config line 1: Unknown measurement point 'vlc_dashRateAdaptation'.'

The oml xml config file is like this: <omlc id='Sender' exp_id='divya-test-sat-2-2013-07-13T20-44-55-04-00'><collect url=''><mp name='video' samples='1'/><mp name='input' samples='1'/><mp name='output' samples='1'/><mp name='dashRateAdaptation' samples='1'/><mp name='dashDlSession' samples='1'/></collect></omlc>

For labwiki, experiment name is: divya-test-sat-2-2013-07-13T20-44-55-04-00 For command line omf, experiment name is: cong-vlc-test-1

When I try this command (on the ExoGENI node), it worked: /root/vlc-2.1.0-git/bin/vlc-static -I dummy --extraintf omlstats --oml-id ubuntu --oml-domain exp-test --oml-collect

But this command doesn't work: env -i OML_NAME=Sender OML_EXP_ID=divya-test-sat-2-2013-07-13T20-44-55-04-00 OML_CONFIG=/tmp/divya-test-sat-2-2013-07-13T20-44-55-04-00-test:app:vlc#1.xml /root/vlc-2.1.0-git/bin/vlc-static --intf dummy --extraintf omlstats VLC media player 2.1.0-git Rincewind (revision 1.3.0-git-6058-g2f0e36e) Jul 13 21:25:54 WARN Enviromnent variable OML_SERVER is getting deprecated; please use 'OML_COLLECT=""' instead INFO OML Client V2.10.0 [Protocol V4] Copyright 2007-2013, NICTA ERROR Config line 1: Unknown measurement point 'video'. ERROR Error while parsing configuration '/tmp/divya-test-sat-2-2013-07-13T20-44-55-04-00-test:app:vlc#1.xml' INFO Waiting for buffered queue reader thread to drain... INFO Buffered queue reader thread finished OK... Error starting up OML measurement streams

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