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As Christoph and Jack suggested I have done the following:

  1. Changed the name of the slice on the yaml file in the RC from just slicename to whole URN
  2. POSTed the slice URN to the experiment service

The results are:

  1. The RCs are unable to connect to the PubSub gateway on emmy9. If I do the same experiment from command line using omf exec the experiment runs

To test this I changed the slice names on 2/5 RCs and these 2 machines did not connect. The others showed as 'UP'. I changed the first 2 back to the slice names and was able to run omf exec experiments on them.
It seems like the nodes are unable to use URNs to connect to Labwiki.

  1. The slice URNs are now being POSTed in the GIMI Experiment Service via the init script.