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  1. I have iRODS, Experiment Service and Labwiki running on emmy9. In the Execute Window I cannot see the list of slices and experiment IDs.
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data-binary @'+ json_filename +' ' + self.restURL + ':' + str(self.restPort) + '/projects/' + self.proj_name + '/users

When I do a GET of

It does not return the project that the user belongs to.

When I do

I get geni-dbhat as a member of Project GIMITesting.

I believe this is what is causing the problem that I have. Is there anything wrong with the POST and GET I am using?

  1. The iRODs server is now Hence, the GENI Portal names and the iRODs user names are now geni-<username>.

To solve this I added a hack in labwiki/lib/labwiki/session_init.rb at line 18

id = 'geni-' + user.split('=').last