I am trying to POST a JSON object to the Experiment Service.

Here is the JSON I am trying to POST

[{"name": "dbhat-Explabwiki-2013-07-16T22:11:42", "iticket": {"valid_until": "2013-07-19.18:04:04", "path": "/geniRenci/home/geni-dbhat/manifests-2013-07-16T22:11:42", "token": "knJrvzcGMrefnqA", "created_at": "2013-07-16T22:13:36"}}]

This is the message I get on the client side

Saving JSON to file: /home/dbhat/exptest/experiment.json
{"exception":{"code":403,"reason":"Unsupported Method"}}

However, when I do a GET I am able to see the experiments. It also shows up in Labwiki.

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