Dynamic Topology Configuration in GENI


Monday, 10:30am - noon

Session Leaders

Heidi Picher Dempsey, Luisa Nevers, and Aaron Helsinger; GENI Project Office

Agenda / Details

GENI Stitching: Networks On-Demand: Demonstration, Status, How to do it Yourself, and How it Works

In this session, we will describe how GENI experimenters can reserve custom layer 2 circuits on demand, using GENI Stitching. This capability is currently being testing with test partners at several campuses and regionals, and rolling out to all GENI sites in the coming months.

  • We will demonstrate creating custom VLANs between InstaGENI and ExoGENI aggregates, between a GENI resource and a non GENI resource, and running multiple circuits at once.
  • We will describe how to create such circuits yourself.
  • We will explain what happens for you when you use your tool to create such a circuit.

A capture of the GENI Network Stitching Live Demo can be found here along with sample RSpecs for Aggregates that support stitching.

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