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    195195 * Levent Dane, University of Houston,
     197==== Performance Analysis of VM Migration between Openflow enabled Datacenters ====
     199Virtual Machine Migration is a typical activity performed in data centers to satisfy security and performance guarantees. Unfortunately, in event of congested network paths between cloud data centers, there is a performance penalty associated with migrating VMs. The performance penalty is higher if the data centers are in geographically disparate regions and the network paths are frequently congested. The objective of this demo is to analyze the performance impact of Virtual Machine Migrations across GENI nodes connected by a network of open flow switches. Specifically, we will quantify the bandwidth and latency associated with migrating VM on a congested network path. In our experiment, we will create three separate network on both ExoGENI and ProtoGENI infrastructure. These networks will be connected by a network of 7 OpenFlow switches. The network will connect cloud data centers hosted by Amazon Web Services in two different regions. We will develop a controller which will compute performance cost of VM migration on all possible network paths. We will use GENI Desktop with GEMINI to analyze our results.
     202 * Hellen Maziku, Tennessee State University?,
     203 * Dr. Sachin Shetty
     204 * Dr. Kaiqi Xiong
    197206=== Wireless Projects ===