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     170==== Healthcare Providers and/or Hospitals application demo ====
     172This application, targeted for use by Healthcare Providers and/or Hospitals, will enable secure and tiered access to resources over a network optimized for end-user experience that is: 1) Policy-based; 2) On-Demand; and 3) Access anytime, anywhere & any device.
     174In this demo we will employ Software-Defined Networking technology to show case:
     1761. Policy-optimized Networks
     178 1.1. Optimize network experience (speed, security, differentiated Quality-of-Service) based on user identity, location, application, and duration. 1.2. Provide role-based (Doctor, Guest) access to authorized resources. E.g. :Doctor can access Patient Health Information (PHI) records and Regular Internet and Guest can access Regular Internet only. 2. Provision role-based (Doctor, Guest) virtual network slices on top of the same physical network. Demonstrate performance isolation between the slices where excessive traffic on “Guest” Network Slice will have no impact on the performance of the “Doctor” network slice. 3. Automatically re-provision network as user switches from one application to another on his/her hand-held device. E.g: when a doctor transitions from accessing PHI records (low bandwidth requirements) to making a tele-health call (high bandwidth requirements) the the network reprovisions itself from a high hop-count low bandwidth path to a low hop-count high bandwidth path without any perceiviabe performance detorioration. 4. Transfer network experience from location to location. E.g: a doctor making a tele-health call from his home will get the same network experience as he would from the hospital regardless of the network serivce-provider and the underlying physical network.
     181 * Bithika Khargharia, Extreme Networks,
    170183=== Wireless Projects ===