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    9191 * Russ Clark, SoX/Georgia Tech,
     93==== GpENI / KanREN-GENI / InstaGENI / US Ignite demo for GEC 17 ====
     95This demonstration will show several aspects of GpENI, KanREN-GENI, the KU InstaGENI rack, and the corresponding KU US Ignite application.
     971. Resilience experiments over GpENI using PlanetLab GENIwrapper slices over L2 topologies controlled by tinc VPN meshing. Links and nodes will be selectively failed to show the impact on network service, and our network topology optimisation algorithms will be used to show how to improve network resilience and survivability. Furthermore we will show our new Google-map based monitoring visualisation of GpENI link and tinc topologies and node status.
     992. Progress of deployment of Brocade OpenFlow switches in KanREN (Kansas Research and Education Network), including FOAM and FlowVisor.
     1013. US Ignite application to support family caregivers in managing behavioral symptoms of individuals with dementia. This application (an NSF-funded collaboration between KU and KU Medical Center) includes high-resolution, network-based cameras connected to a video management server located either locally or in an InstaGENI-based cloud to capture significant healthcare events.
     104 * James Sterbenz, Kansas University,
    93106=== Security and Data Exchange Projects ===
    130143 * Parmesh Ramanathan, University of Wisconsin,
     145==== OpenBIDS: an efficient Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) using OpenFlow framework and Bloom Filters ====
     147OpenBIDS is an attempt to develop a high performance, low memory consuming, suitable for multiple pattern matching and fast online Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS). OpenBIDS combines inherent advantages of OpenFlow-1.0.0 and bloom filter data structure. OpenVSwitch-1.9.0 and NOX controller are used by in this NIDS.
     150 * Sujayyendhiren Ramarao Srinivasamurthi, RIT,
     151 *
     152 *
     154==== LEARN: LINC as an OpenFlow capable virtual switch on GENI with OFConfig support ====
     156Brief demo description We will demonstrate an OpenFlow capable virtual switch, LINC, on GENI environment while also running OFConfig to access management plane. LINC is the only OpenFlow-capable switch with native OFConfig support at this time. We implemented a northbound application to push flows into our LINC switches using Ryu as a controller.
     159  * Deniz Gurkan, Univ. of Houston,
     160  *
     161  *
    132163=== Wireless Projects ===