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    176176 * Derek Meyer, University of Wisconsin,
     178=== Federation / International Projects ===
     180==== International GENI(iGENI) ====
     182we will demonstrate projects of members of the Consortium For International Advanced Networking Research using The "Slice Around The World" as a platform for Advanced Network Research and other Science Research.
     184The "Slice Around the World" demonstration initiative was established to demonstrate the powerful potential of designing and implementing world-wide environments consisting of Global computational and storage clouds closely integrated with highly programmable networks. The initiative has been established by network research centers/research labs that are participating in multiple next generation networking activities, including those developing large scale distributed experimental network research environment, such as those be implemented by such initiatives as the NSF Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI), the EU Future Internet Research Environment (FIRE), the Japanese New Generation Internet, the Korean Future Internet initiatives, the German Future Internet Lab (G-Lab), the Brazilian future Internet initiative and others. These environments are being developed by researchers for researchers. An important goal for many of the current projects would be to have persistent global environments directly developed and managed by the research community to support their experimental research.
     187 * Jim Chen, Northwestern/iCAIR,