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    159159 * Derek Meyer, University of Wisconsin,
     161==== Demsontrate handover solutions in GENI WiMAX ====
     163Scenario: An user at home is on video Skype call over a WiFi? interface. Midway through the call, the user wants to roam out of his home while continuing his Skype call. Prior to leaving his home, he initiates a connection handover from WiFi? to WiMAX interface. The user then roams roams outside to region where the connection to another WiMAX basestation is stronger than the first WiMAX basestation. Therefore, the user initates handover from WiMAX basestation to the another without breaking the ongoing Skype call.
     165Technology demonstrated: The handover from WiFi? to WiMAX interfaces on the same node relies on a OpenV switch implemented at the client. The Clemson team have implemented a client software to perform this handover using the OpenV switch. The handover between WiMAX basestations relies on mobile IP implementation. The University of Wisconsin team has the software on the infrastructure side implementing the mobile IP solution. The demonstration will show both these capabilities and the seamlesss integration between the two.
     168 * Parmesh Ramanathan, University of Wisconsin,
     171==== Wirover Video Demo ====
     173!WiRover demo will show actively communicating gateways installed on Madison Metro buses that are equipped with cameras and screens exchanging media content utilizing the GENI infrastructure.
     176 * Derek Meyer, University of Wisconsin,