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Developers Working Sessions

These two separate sessions will be informal working sessions for developers of aggregates, tools, and clearinghouses to meet, discuss open issues, and possibly write code in real time. Specific topics will be determined based on need and available developers, but will likely include stitching, GENI Portal integration, common Clearinghouse APIs, AM API revisions, and Speaks For. These discussions will build off the topics introduced at the Miscellaneous Developers' Topics session. Discussions begun here will be continued at the Coding Sprint session.


Monday, 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Tuesday, 8:30 - 10:30am

Session Leaders

Aaron Helsinger
Tom Mitchell

Agenda / Details


  • Speaks-for Credentials in GENI Tools, Services and Aggregates. A discussion of 'speaks-for' capability: motivation, essentials, state and future plans.
  • ABAC in GENI Authorization. How GENI plans to use ABAC for authorization in federation and aggregate API's.
  • Stitching status and plans. The current state of stitching development and what is the underlying functionality demonstrated at the GEC.


  • AMSoil. A presentation by Tom Rothe of OFELIA on tools they have built to facilitate working with the AM API.
  • Omni as tool and library. The current state of omni, future plans and how omni can be used to support tool operations.
  • Uniform Clearinghouse API's. Discussion of proposed common clearinghouse interfaces (so that tools can talk to multiple clearinghouses using the same interfaces).
  • Long-lived Slices. Discussion of the use cases and requirements to support long-lived experiments and associated resource allocations.



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