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Campus Deployments and Research Collaboration


Monday, 1:30-3:30pm

Session Leader =

Heidi Dempsey, GENI Project Office


(this is a tentative agenda--some talks may move to the second afternoon Ops session)

  • SDN Working Group and GENI joint meeting: Campus IT and Research Collaboration topics TBA.

Deniz Gurkan, University of Houston and Daniel Schmeidt, Clemson University

  • Deploying and Using SDN on Campuses: Panel Discussion with Q&A. Panel members will discuss their experiences with hands-on SDN campus deployments and collaboration.

Aaron Gember, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hussamuddin Nasir, University of Kentucky

Andrew Parker, WVNET

Ivan Seskar, Rutgers University

  • Ilya Baldin, RENCI. Using ExoGENI
  • Rob Ricci, University of Utah. Using InstaGENI
  • Tsegereda Beyene and Douglas Walsten, Cisco Systems. Inc. Cisco GENI Rack Update

Agenda / Details

This session includes updates on meso-scale deployment and operations progress and upcoming plans from the GPO, campus participants, and aggregate developers. New information on GENI racks and new OpenFlow network support and their integration with campuses and existing infrastructure will be included. Information presented at this session will be especially relevant to network engineers and administrators, applications developers, experimenters, campus IT staff and research network providers. For information on WiMAX meso-scale infrastructure, please attend the WiMAX Campus session.



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