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    117117 - You need to calculate the average per-flow throughput observed from both left and right paths. The modifications need to happen in the function "stats_reply" in load-balancer.rb
    118118 - In function "decide_path", change the path decision based on the calculated average per-flow throughput: forward the flow onto the path with more average per-flow throughput. (Why? TCP tries its best to consume the whole bandwidth so more throughput means network is not congested)
    119  - If you do not know where to start, check the hints in [ Appendix E]
    120   - If you really do not know where to start after reading the hints, the answer can be found on node "Switch", at /tmp/load-balancer/load-balancer-solution.rb
     119  - Helpful tips about debugging your OpenFlow controller can be found in [wiki:GEC17Agenda/AdvancedOpenFlow/Procedure/Appendices#E.Tips:DebugginganOpenFlowController Appendix E]
     120  - If you really do not know where to start, the answer can be found on node "Switch", at /tmp/load-balancer/load-balancer-solution.rb
    121121  - Copy the above solution into your home directory then re-do the experiment on !LabWiki.
    122122  [[BR]][[Image(GENIExperimenter/Tutorials/Graphics:4NotesIcon_512x512.png,5%)]] You need to change your script to use the correct Load Balancing controller (e.g., if your controller is "load-balancer-solution.rb", you should run "/opt/trema-trema-f995284/trema run /root/load-balancer-solution.rb")