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Revise, Repeat

After looking at the measurements collected by the 'wxmstat' application, we realize that the signal strength on the nodes is too high. We want a more realistic environment, so we turn down the base station transmit power:

wget -qO- "http://wimaxrf:5052/wimaxrf/bs/set?bs_tx_power=20"
wget -qO- "http://wimaxrf:5052/wimaxrf/bs/restart"

He also uses the programmable attenuation on Sandbox 4 to create a situation where signal strength varies over the duration of the experiment. The experiment script for this looks like this:

defProperty('attUrl', "", "Path to use to set attenuation")
defProperty('attenuations' [5,6,7,10,11,12,15,16,14,18,12,8,5,3], "List of attenuations to use")


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