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Changing experiment properties

If you have extra time, you can experiment with different experiment settings.

Try changing base station transmit power:

wget -qO- "http://wimaxrf:5052/wimaxrf/bs/set?bs_tx_power=30"
wget -qO- "http://wimaxrf:5052/wimaxrf/bs/restart"

When the base station comes back up, it should report a new bs_tx_power:

wget -qO- "http://wimaxrf:5052/wimaxrf/bs/get?bs_tx_power"

Try rerunning the experiment under these conditions. With a very high degree of packet loss, can the recovery protocol successfully recover the packets that are lost over the WiMAX network?

We can also run experiment script with different properties, e.g. a different queue length:

omf exec gec16-coop.rb -- --queue 150

With a longer queue, the probability of a neighbor node holding a packet that is needed by a peer increases, so the recovery rate increases as well.