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Changing experiment properties

If you have extra time, you can experiment with different experiment settings.

To run an experiment script with different properties, e.g. a different queue length:

omf exec gec16-coop.rb -- --queue 100

Push each experiment to iRODS and evaluate the results. What settings work well?

Try changing base station transmit power:

wget -qO- "http://wimaxrf:5052/wimaxrf/bs/set?bs_tx_power=30"
wget -qO- "http://wimaxrf:5052/wimaxrf/bs/restart"

When the base station comes back up, it should report a new bs_tx_power:

wget -qO- "http://wimaxrf:5052/wimaxrf/bs/get?bs_tx_power"

Try rerunning the experiment under these conditions. With a very high degree of packet loss, can the recovery protocol successfully recover the packets that are lost over the WiMAX network?