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Run the experiment

Ready to run the experiment? First turn the nodes on, since they'll still be off after being imaged:

omf tell -a on -t omf.witest.node5,omf.witest.node8,omf.witest.node13

Then run:

omf exec gec16-coop.rb

Once the experiment has concluded, note its Experiment ID push the results to a "video" directory in iRODS using this ID:

iarchive -e expID -c coop

To view your experiment results, visit the iRODS web browser at Use:

  • Host:
  • Port: 1247
  • Zone: geniRenci

Click on the 'sq3' file and click 'Plot' to create simple plots of measurements stored by OML. (For example, try plotting: OML sequence on x-axis, WiMAX RSSI on y-axis).

You can also download this file and explore the data using an SQLite browser such as this Firefox plugin.