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     1== The Idea ==
     5In some stadiums, sports fans can view personal video feeds through their mobile devices. However, it is difficult to guarantee the reception reliability of these devices because each user
     6experiences different wireless channel conditions.
     10Take advantage of the multiplicity of radios on modern devices and their physical proximity in a stadium to allow cooperative packet recovery over a secondary network.
     12 * Wireless devices are connected to the principal network (WiMAX) to receive broadcast data such as live video feeds
     14 * A wireless device may lose some of the data sent over the principal network
     16 * Physically co-located wireless devices form an assistant network over WiFi to recover the lost data cooperatively from their peers
     18We have implemented this technique in an application called 'coopshim'
    120== The Scenario ==
    3 In this experiment, we're going to execute a P2P cooperative packet recovery algorithm between a couple nodes.  The basic idea is in a noisy environment, close proximity nodes can recover lost packets between themselves, instead of having to re-request the packet from a foreign server.
     22In this experiment, we're going to evaluate the performance of 'coopshim'
    524We'll follow the process of preparing this experiment to run with OMF+OML, set up the experiment, run the experiment with different settings, and do some basic analysis and visualization on the results.