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    208208== Run a port forward Controller ==
    209 In the above example we ran a very simple controller. The power of OpenFlow comes from the fact that you can decide to forward the packet anyway you want based on the supported OpenFlow actions.
     209Now let's do a slightly more complicated controller. OpenFlow gives you the power to overwrite fields of your packets at the switch, for example the TCP source or destination port and do port forwarding. You can have clients trying to contact a server at port 5000, and the OpenFlow switch can redirect your traffic to a service listening on port 6000.
     211Under the `ext` directory there are two files and that are similar like the previous exercise. Both of these controller are configured by a configuration file at `ext/port_forward.config`.
     213To run the controller do (while at /local/pox directory)
     214    {{{
     215    ./ --verbose
     216    }}}
     218To test your controller we are going to use netcat. Go to the two terminals of host2. In one terminal run:
     220nc -l 5000
     223and in the other terminal run
     225nc -l 6000
     228Now first start the simple layer 2 forwarding controller:
     230ovs:/local/pox% ./ --verbose forwarding.l2_learning
     233Go to the terminal of host1 and connect to host2 at port 5000:
     235nc 5000
     238Type something and you should see it at the the terminal of host2 at port 5000.
     240Start your controller and do the same, now your text should appear on the other terminal of host2.
    211242== Run a server proxy Controller ==