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    11= Configure and Initialize Services: Configure your OpenFlow switch =
    22Although OVS is installed and initialized on the host that is meant to act as a software switch, it has not been configured yet.
    3 There are two main things that need to be configured
     3There are two main things that need to be configured : ''create your software switch with the interfaces as ports'' and ''point the switch to an OpenFlow controller''.
     5In order to configure our switch, we first need to login to the host that will be used as an OpenFlow switch.
     7== Login to OVS host ==
     10<table border="0">
     11      <tr>
     12        <td>
     13        <img border="0" src="" alt="Login information for a VM"  height="300" title="Login information for a VM" /> </a>
     14       </td>
     15       <td >
     16         <ol>
     17           <li><FONT COLOR="black">Return to the Slice page. Press the <b>Details</b> button in the row of the slice table for <i>GPO InstaGENI</i>.</font></li>
     18           <li>Open a new terminal window. Copy the command to the right of <b>Login</b> into that terminal window.  You have now logged into your VM.</li>
     19           <li><FONT COLOR="black">Return to the Slice page and repeat the previous two steps for <i>Utah InstaGENI</i> in a second terminal window.</font></li>
     20          </ol>
     21       </td>
     22    </tr>
     23 </table>
     26== 1. Create the Software Switch ==
    428= Execute Experiment =
    529== Use a Learning Switch Controller ==