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Aggregate Developers' Topics

At this developers session, we will discuss several issues relating to developing GENI aggregates and standardizing aggregate behavior. Specific topics are expected to include the status of the Aggregate Manager API and RSpecs, introducing the problem of a Common Execution Environment, VLAN stitching implementation status, and providing common secure authorization for tools. This session will begin conversations that will be continued at the Coding Sprint session.


Tuesday, 3:30pm - 5pm

Session Leaders

Aaron Helsinger, Tom Mitchell. GENI Project Office.

Agenda / Details

  • Status Updates -- Aaron Helsinger, GPO
    • Aggregate Manager API
    • RSpecs
    • Omni
    • Common Execution Environment
    • Coding Sprint
  • Stitching -- Tom Lehman, MAX
    • Progress Report
    • Implementation Issues
    • Discussion
  • Secure Tool Authorization -- Rob Ricci, University of Utah



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