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    1111== Schedule ==
    13 Thursday, 1pm - 5pm
     13Thursday, 2:30pm - 5:30pm
    1515== Session Leaders ==
    2323== Agenda / Details ==
     25This software development session provides an opportunity for GENI engineers to collaborate in real time on a particular software or documentation issue. The topic will be selected well in advance of the conference, based on need and key party availability. Likely topics this time include stitching, achieving a common user experience across aggregates, supporting common GENI services, and other topics that arise at the [wiki:GEC16Agenda/DevelopersGrabBag Aggregate Developers' Topics session].
     27The GPO will also hold a tutoring session for GENI experimenters, where experimenters can come and work on various online GENI tutorials. The list of available tutorials will be advertised in advance of the GEC. The GPO will answer questions and provide assistance. Experimenters with an idea they want to work on are encouraged to come do so in the same room, so that they can have support from the on site GPO staff and other experimenters.
     29GPO operations staff will also be available to help GENI ops/admin
     30folks who'd like a hand getting set up with GENI credentials, the Omni
     31command-line tool, etc. This can be useful if you're running a GENI
     32aggregate, so you can create a slice and some slivers, and test for
     33yourself whether the aggregate manager is working like you expect. We'll also be happy to discuss any other topics of
     34interest to the ops/admin community.
     36=== Developers Coding Sprint Topics ===
     37The actual topics will be dictated by the
     38people in the room and their concerns, but we anticipate discussing
     39topics first raised at the [wiki:GEC16Agenda/DevelopersGrabBag Aggregate Developers' Topics]
     41 1. Stitching
     42 2. Common User Experience
     43 3. Other miscellaneous topics