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    1 = Advanced Networking Experiments in GENI Instructions =
     2= Prework =
     3In this tutorial we are going to run more advanced experimentes in GENI.
     5Before we start with the Omni tutorial, please follow these steps:
     6  i. Login to the VM
     7  i. Run Firefox
     8  i. Open all bookmarks under the !AdvOmni bookmark folder
     9  i. Open a terminal window
     12= Exercises =
     13There are three exercises in these tutorial:
     14  1. [wiki:GEC16Agenda/AdvancedTopologies/Instructions/IntroToOmni Intro to Omni]. This is the experiment we will do all together. It is a very simple experiment to get you familiar
     15with the command line [ Omni tool].
     16  2. [wiki:GEC16Agenda/AdvancedTopologies/Instructions/ClickExampleExperiment Click Experiment]. In this experiment you are going to use click software routers to write your own non-IP router and route your packets in a multipath topology.
     17  3. [wiki:  Tmix Tutorial]. In this experiment you are going to use OpenFlow to deflect traffic from a remote server to a local one.
     19= Wrap up =
     20Congratulations, you have finished the tutorial! Now you are ready to design and
     21run your own experiments. Don't hesitate to [ email us] with
     22any questions you might have.
     24==  Fill out the tutorial survey ==
     25We love to hear what you think so that we can improve the tutorials in the future.
     26Please complete the [ survey] and get a temporary GENI tatoo!
     28==  Get Your Own Account ==
     29If you have used a temporary account, please go ahead and request for a permanent account, following
     30 [wiki:SignMeUpPortal  these instructions] and start using GENI.