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Instructions in pdf

GEC16 Advanced Networking Experiments: Click Router Sample Experiment

In this example experiment, you will configure and run a non-IP software routing configuration, using : In this example, we'll be running click in user mode.

Please note that you can't just cut and paste all of the commands. There are additional instructions in the text.

Design/Setup: Setup Omni with Multiple Users

Omni gives you the capability of giving access to other users on your compute resources. Depending on which AM you are using to get resources from, this is done in a different way. If you are reserving resources in a ProtoGENI AM, then you can specify a comma separated list of users in the users attribute of the [omni] section, and specify the information for each user in a corresponding section. Let's try this now:

  1. Ask the your neighbor for his/her usernane.
  2. While in a terminal, generate a public key for them under ~/.ssh/ :
    • cd ~/.ssh
    • ssh-keygen -f id_rsa_&ltneighbor;_username>
  • Make a copy of your omni_config
    cp ~/.gcf/omni_config ~/.gcf/omni_config_multiuser
  • Open the omni_config_multiuser file; its under ~/.gcf/omni_config_multiuser
  • Add the new user in the users list and add a new section using as his/her public key the key you just generated.
  • In the example below, Alice is reserving compute resources and wants Bob to also have access to the reserved ProtoGENI resources:

    users=alice, bob
    type = pgch
    ch =
    sa =
    cert = /home/geni/.ssl/geni_cert_portal.pem
    key = /home/geni/.ssl/geni_cert_portal.pem

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