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Installing Omni

To install Omni, just follow the instruction at Omni Quick Start. In more detail, install the following packages

sudo apt-get install python-m2crypto python-dateutil \
                     python-openssl libxmlsec1 xmlsec1 \
                     libxmlsec1-openssl libxmlsec1-dev

Download release gcf1.3 from under /usr/local/geni/ and untar it.

tar xvfz gcf-1.3.tar.gz
\rm gcf-1.3.tar.gz
ln -s gcf-1.3/ gcf

Added in the end of the .profile and the .bashrc file of the GENI user these lines:

# set PATH so it includes geni software if it exists
if [ -d "/usr/local/bin/gcf/src" ] ; then
    export PYTHONPATH="/usr/local/bin/gcf/src:$PYTHONPATH" 

Other changes

  • Installed chrome
  • Installed Flash plugin for firefox
  • Added security exception for in Firefox
  • In my effort to add a security exception for the bbn pgeni site in chrome I also added:
    sudo apt-get install libnss3-tools
    This still doesn't work in chrome