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     1= GEC15 Agenda =
     3== Conference Information ==
     5The 15th GENI Engineering Conference [[br]]
     6October 23-25, 2012 [[br]]
     7The Hilton Americas-Houston [[br]]
     81600 Lamar[[br]]
     9Houston, Texas, 77010, USA [[br]]
     11== Registration ==
     13Online registration is TBA [[br]]
     14       Deadline on hotel reservation (TBA) [[br]]
     17== Advice for Newcomers ==
     19Experimenters unfamiliar with GENI are encouraged to to attend tutorials, which will present an introduction to GENI concepts and selected GENI resources. In addition, the ''NEWCOMERS'' breakfast (contact [] for an invitation) will provide an informal opportunity to discuss your plans and questions with GENI project office staff and other newcomers. If you are starting design or development of your experiment, you may want to participate in the Wednesday afternoon coding sprint, where you can get hands-on assistance from GENI developers.
     21== Tutorial Feedback ==
     23If you attend a tutorial during GEC15, we would love to get your feedback. Please let us know what you think by completing this (TBA) [[br]].
     25== Conference Agenda (Draft) ==
     27[[Image(GEC15-agenda (Draft 1).png, 60%)]]
     30=== Conference Sessions and Events ===
     32''Click on an event for additional information. (Coming soon)''
     34'''Plenary Sessions'''[[BR]]
     35[wiki:GEC15Agenda/TuesdayPlenary Plenary Session: GENI Updates] [[br]]
     37'''Evening Demo and Networking Event (TBA)'''[[BR]]
     38'''Alumni Center’s Great Hall, Melcher Board Room, and Life Member Room''' [[BR]]
     40'''Tutorials (TBA)'''[[BR]]