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     36= 2. Launch your experiment =
     38Now that you are logged in to Flack, we are ready to design our experiment. [ This video] will guide you through the process of setting up  the resources for the Hello GENI experiment. To complete the setup you will need to save a copy of [attachment:hellogeni.rspec this file] on your computer. This is a [wiki:GENIExperimenter/RSpecs Resource Specification (rspec)] file that contains a description of this experiment for Flack.
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     46        <a href="" target="GENIVideo">
     47<img border="0" src="" alt="Launch Experiment Video"  height="120" title="How to configure your experiment" />  </a>
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     51            <li> After Flack finishes loading all the information, create a new slice by clicking <b>New</b> on the left of the screen, right under your user name. Name your slice something like <b>xxxhello</b> (where xxx are your initials)<br></li>
     52            <li> When an empty canvas shows up, you are ready to create an experiment. Click at the <b>Import</b> button on the top of the canvas and select <b>Import from file </b></li>
     53            <li> Find the  copy of <a href ="attachment:hellogeni.rspec"> this rspec file</a> that you downloaded earlier and press ok</li>
     54            <li>  A topology will come up, it will look different than the topology on the video. Your topology should look like <img border="0" src="" alt="Login to Flack Video"  height="20" title="How to login video" />. Press the <b>Submit</b> button and <b>confirm</b> that you want to reserve these resources.</li>
     55            <li> Wait while your resources are being reserved. This will take several minutes so be patient. When your sliver is ready the background will be green. </li>
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     62= 3. Start instrumenting your Experiment =