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    9797= 3. Enable Instrumentation In your Experiment =
    98 Now that your sliver is ready we will need
     98Now that your slice is ready we will need to instrumentize it. On the VM open a terminal and do:
     99  1. Navigate to the right GEMINI folder
     100   {{{
     101   cd ~/Tutorials/GEMINI/common
     103   2. Run the instrumentize script
     104   {{{
     105 -f ~/.ssl/geni_cert.pem -n <slicename>
     107   This will take a while so be patient until it is done.
     108   3. Once it is done, use the printed information to login to the [ portal].
     109   4. Navigate to the graphs. In the map that will appear after you login to the portal
     110     a. press on the `GN` node,
     111     b. select `passive`
     112     c. on the left, navigate to the graphs for `PC1`
    100 == 3a. Configure GEMINI on the VM ==
    101 First we need to configure GEMINI with the information from our account.
    102   1. 
     114= 4. Run your experiment =
     115You are all set to run your experiment. On the terminal do :
     116  1. Go to the location of the script
     117   {{{
     118   cd /usr/local/bin/gcf/examples
     120   2. Run the script
     121   {{{
     122   ./ -a pg-utah <slicename>
     124     The script will first get the information about logging in to your nodes and then it will start executing remote commands to your nodes. It will change the delay of the links and then initiate a UDP and a TCP transfer.
     125   3. Look at the TCP and UDP graphs as the script is running and notice the performance of UDT and TCP, side by side.
     127= 5. Archive your data =
     128Once the script is done, its time to archive the run. Follpw [wiki:GEMINITutorial#a11.ArchiveMeasurementData these instructions] using your own account information.
     129You can modify the script to test for other values of delay, or bandwidth, or loss rate.
     131= 6. Cleanup =
     132Once you are done with your testing, it is time to release the resources. In order to cleanup your slice :
     133  1. Press at the '''Delete''' button in the bottom of your canvas
     134  1. select to delete it at '''used managers only''' and '''confirm''' your selection.
     135Wait and after a few moments all the resources will have been released and you will have an empty canvas again. Notice that your slice is still there. There is no way to delete a slice, it will be removed automatically after its expiration date, but remember that a slice is just an empty container so it doesn't take up any resources.