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    6868accomplished in collaboration with INRIA and other partners of those
     71== Session Summary ==
     73The GENI experimenter Portal was announced as ready for early adopters. Interested experimenters are encouraged to contact [] for more information.
     75Tom provided an overview of the portal goals and features. The portal is intended to be a quick starting point for new GENI experimenters and to make it easy to create simple topologies for experimentation. Additionally, the portal has integrated with a few other GENI tools, with more on the way. GENI resources can be allocated via the portal or with the embedded Flack, a slice construction tool from [ ProtoGENI]. Tom gave a demo showing how an experimenter accesses the portal for the first time, creates a slice, allocates resources and then uses those resources. The demo incorporated resources from [ ExoGENI] and [ InstaGENI] racks.
     77Tom also gave a brief review of the GENI Clearinghouse from a developer perspective. The [ Clearinghouse APIs] have been published, the portal and clearinghouse software has a [ wiki and issue tracker].
     79There were a few questions about how the portal handles experimenter certificates, but discussion was deferred to the [wiki:GEC15Agenda/CodingSprint coding sprint].
     81Jordan Augé and Loïc Baron presented [ MySlice], a web-based experimenter tool developed by !OneLab. They explained the architecture, including adapters for various control frameworks and plugins for display. They also gave a demo showing the features of !MySlice, including the ability to filter through the aggregate advertisements to locate resources with various attributes or capabilities.