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    1111This I&M session will review progress towards a comprehensive set of I&M tools for GENI experimenters and for infrastructure measurement. [[BR]]
    13 It will focus on the two large Solicitation 3 I&M D&P projects, GIMI and GEMINI, starting with a review their design and status.    [[BR]]
     13It will focus on the two large Solicitation 3 I&M D&P projects, GIMI and GEMINI, starting with a review their design goals for Spiral 5 and current status.    [[BR]]
    1515Next, we will review the current status of outstanding I&M design topics, and the operational I&M services that are being introduced by the GIMI and GEMINI projects.  We will consider how GIMI might be able to use the GEMINI services, and vice-versa. [[BR]]
    5555 * Discuss the I&M goals for the next 4 months, particularly how to best support experimenters and those doing infrastructure measurement. [[BR]]
    57 == 3)  Summary of GIMI design and status ==
     57== 3)  Summary of GIMI design goals for Spiral 5, and current status ==
    58588:40am [[BR]]
    5959'''PI''' Michael Zink,  University of Massachusetts at Amherst  (  [[BR]]
    89 == 4)  Summary of GEMINI design and plans ==
    90 8:55am  [[BR]]
     89== 4)  Summary of GEMINI design goals for Spiral 5, and current status ==
     908:50am  [[BR]]
    9191'''PI''' Martin Swany, Indiana University  ( [[BR]]
    9292'''Co-PI'''  Chris Small,  Indiana University  ( [[BR]]
    125125== 5)  Reports on I&M design topics ==
    126 9:10m [[BR]]
    128 === T4)  GENI I&M Tool Testing Environment  ===
    129 9:10am  [[BR]]
    131 Harry Mussman  (GPO) [[BR]]
    133 Goals  [[BR]]
    134  * Define a step-by-step process for the GEMINI and GIMI tools sets over Spirals 4, 5 and 6 such that: [[BR]]
    135   * They deliver useful tools in each spiral  [[BR]]
    136   * They eventually provide tools that can be included in slices built with any type of GENI hosts [[BR]]
    137   * GENI hosts should include those provided by ExoGENI and InstaGENI racks, as soon as they are available [[BR]]
    139  * Include:  [[BR]]
    140   * User tools for experiment and measurement setup and orchestration [[BR]]
    141   * Interfaces/protocols between user tools and GENI aggregates  [[BR]]
    142   * Supported GENI aggregates  [[BR]]
    144   [[Image(Visio-070512_UseCases_Projects_Figures_Page_01.jpg, 110%)]]    [[BR]]
    146  * [  I&M tool testing environment status at GEC13]  [[BR]]
    148 Goals for Spiral 4:
    149  * By the end of Spiral 4, GIMI tools will test/operate in slices built in ORCA/ExoGENI environment [[BR]]
    150  * By the end of Spiral 4, GEMINI tools will test/operate in slices built in Emulab/protoGENI/InstaGENI environment [[BR]]
    151  * As much as possible, the two groups will use common user tools and common interfaces/protocols/APIs [[BR]]
    152  * As much as possible, the two groups will avoid arrangements customized to one environment [[BR]]
    153  * Both groups will be ready to provide tutorials on their capabilities starting at GEC-14. [[BR]]
    154  * Not yet defined:  support for PlanetLab/InstaGENI environment [[BR]]
    156   [[Image(Visio-070512_UseCases_Projects_Figures_Page_02.jpg, 110%)]]    [[BR]]
    158 Goals for Spiral 5:
    159  * By the end of Spiral 5, GIMI tools will test/operate in slices built in both the Emulab/protoGENI/InstaGENI and ORCA/ExoGENI environments (but not together in one slice) [[BR]]
    160  * By the end of Spiral 5, GIMI tools will also support measurements at WiMAX sites.  [[BR]]
    161  * By the end of Spiral 5, GEMINI tools will test/operate in slices built in both the Emulab/protoGENI/InstaGENI and ORCA/ExoGENI environments (but not together in one slice) [[BR]]
    162  * Not yet defined:  support for PlanetLab/InstaGENI environment [[BR]]
    164   [[Image(Visio-070512_UseCases_Projects_Figures_Page_03.jpg, 110%)]]    [[BR]]
    166 Goals for later: [[BR]]
    167  * Both GEMINI and GIMI tools will test/operate in slices built with both Emulab/protoGENI/InstaGENI and ORCA/ExoGENI environments.  However, this requires stitching functions that are not currently available. [[BR]]
    169 === T8) GENI User Tools and Services ===
    170 9:20am  [[BR]]
    172 Jeanne Ohren (GPO)[[BR]]
    174 Goals [[BR]]
    175  * Work towards Max Ott's vision for experiment support  [[BR]]
    176  * Provide a way for a GENI user (e.g., experimenter or operator) to access a wide variety of "GENI User Services", where each user service provides an interface (e.g., API or GUI) to the user.  Those user services with a GUI (web) interface are often called "portal services".[[BR]]
    177  * Together, the "GENI User Services" should provide all of the functions the user needs to setup and run their experiment, then gather, analyze and present their measurement data.   [[BR]]
    178  * These services should work together via APIs, etc., to streamline the experiment process. [[BR]]
    180 Tasks [[BR]]
    181  * Based upon the configuration defined below, the implementation is split into: [[BR]]
    182  1)  A GENI User Workspace, which is a persistent Linux OS environment dedicated to the user, that serves as a container for multiple user tools [[BR]]
    183  2)  Multiple GENI User Tools, where each provides a service with an interface or a "portal" to the user. [[BR]]
    184  * Define, prototype, deploy and operate a GENI User Workspace. [[BR]]
    185  * Gather the various "user tools" that have been implemented to date, and fit them into GENI User Workspace Service so that GENI I&M users can begin to conveniently conduct experiments or instrument infrastructure. [[BR]]
    186  * So that the GENI User Workspacet can be hosted on a server dedicated to the user (even the user's laptop), provide on a Virtual Box "portable VM".  [[BR]]
    187  * Use the "GENI User Workspace" to test the GIMI and GEMINI tools, and during their tutorials.  [[BR]]
    189 Summary  [[BR]]
    190  * [ status at GEC13]  [[BR]]
    191  * [  User workspace configuration at GEC14 (Spiral 4)]  [[BR]]
    193 Discussion  [[BR]]
    194  * Should the GENI User Workspace be supported on a server hosting multiple user workspaces for multiple users?  [[BR]]
    195  * Which tools should be added to the GENI User Workspace?  [[BR]]
    196  * How can we best optimize "user tools" and their interfaces to better meet the needs of GENI users (e.g., experimenters and operators).  [[BR]]
     1269:00am [[BR]]
    200130=== T5)  Descriptors, Objects and Registries  ===
    201 9:30am [[BR]]
    203 Harry Mussman (GPO)  [[BR]] [[BR]]
    205 Summary  [[BR]]
    206  * Current v0.2 design [  references]  [[BR]]
    207  * [  status at GEC13]  [[BR]]
    209 Review of v0.2 design at GEC13 (Giridhar Manepalli): [[BR]]
    210  [  slides]  [[BR]]
    212  Conclusions: [[BR]]
    214  Good things: [[BR]]
    215   Excellent start [[BR]]
    216   Collaborative Specification    [[BR]]
    217   Great Coverage [[BR]]
    218   Nicely broken down into elements [[BR]]
    219   Mandatory vs. optional elements identified [[BR]]
    220   Genuine Use Cases:  Gathering, transferring, and sharing [[BR]]
    222  Jensen's proposal (NetKarma): [[BR]]
    223   Current:  Identifiers, Descriptors, Holders [[BR]]
    224   Proposed:  Identification, Lineage/Provenance, Constraints/Security, MDO Description [[BR]]
    226  Zurawski's comments: [[BR]]
    227   Too many secondary identifiers [[BR]]
    228   Descriptors should be contextualized [[BR]]
    229   Variations based on the type of object [[BR]]
    230   GENI specific descriptions should be clearly marked and separated [[BR]]
    231   Slight changes to names & enclosing elements recommended [[BR]]
    233  Comments/suggestions based on metadata practices: [[BR]]
    234   Too many optional elements [[BR]]
    235    Too many choices given to users [[BR]]
    236    Users bound to take the path of least resistance [[BR]]
    237    Keep the scope restricted to only mandatory elements – at least in the beginning [[BR]]
    238    Try those out. Implement them. [[BR]]
    239   One size fits all ---- No! [[BR]]
    240    Capturing descriptions, formats, policies, transactions, etc. in a monolithic fashion [[BR]]
    241    Register individual components separately [[BR]]
    242    E.g., Capture legal formats & interpretations in their own records, and reference them here   [[BR]]
    243    E.g., Same with accepted policies [[BR]]
    244   Identifiers cannot be semantic [[BR]]
    245     Domain, sub-domain, and object-type are part of an ID [[BR]]
    246     World view changes frequently [[BR]]
    247     Non-semantic Ids are worth every penny [[BR]]
    248     Search engines & registries mask the opaqueness [[BR]]
    249     After all, IDs are just entities behind the scenes [[BR]]
    250   Object Type controlled vocabulary enumerates apples and oranges [[BR]]
    251    Collection, flow, directory, file, database, gui are not mutually exclusive [[BR]]
    252    Doesn’t help the recipient make any decision looking at the descriptor [[BR]]
    253    Bundle type & format into format interpretation method [[BR]]
    254    Covers too many corner cases, e.g., flow-rate [[BR]]
    255    Expects too many details, e.g., locator (type, access method, etc.) [[BR]]
    259 Tasks  [[BR]]
    260  * Need to DRAFT simplified v1.0 MDOD schema, for XML file;  then review and finalize. [[BR]] 
    261  * Optional: extend MDOD to cover all types of objects, i.e., software images.  [[BR]]
    262  * Optional: extend MDOD schema to define Event Record schema. [[BR]]
    263  * Do we need MDOD registry?  Include in iRODS? [[BR]]
    264  * Need MDOD creation and editing service. [[BR]]
    265  * Need Measurement Data Object identifiers (names);  sometimes need a persistent, public reference;  consider DataCite approach, which uses handle  [[BR]]
    269 Discussion
    270  * Who will help DRAFT simplified v1.0 MDOD schema, for XML file?  [[BR]]
    271   * GIMI rep?[[BR]]
    272   * GEMINI rep?[[BR]]
    273   * Shall we have a breakout meeting on Wed, 7/11? [[BR]]
    274  * Who will implement MDOD creation and editing service? [[BR]]
    275  * How will MDOD be included in iRODS? [[BR]]
     1319:00am [[BR]]
     133Harry Mussman (GPO) and Giridhar Manepalli (CNRI) [[BR]] [[BR]]
    279138== 6)  Reports on persistent multi-user I&M services, being introduced by GIMI and GEMINI projects ==
    280 9:00am [[BR]]
     1399:15am [[BR]]
    282141Goals  [[BR]]
    288147=== S1)  XML Messaging Service ===
    289 9:00am  [[BR]]
    291 Mike Zink (UMass Amherst) and Anirban Mandal (RENCI) [[BR]]
    293 Tasks   [[BR]]
    294  * Define, prototype, demonstrate and operate a GENI XML Messaging service, starting at GEC13. [[BR]]
    295  * Support use in GENI by many tools, starting with GIMI I&M tools, who will use it to exchange OMF messages.  [[BR]]
    296  * Define operations plan for XML Messaging service.  [[BR]]
    299 Summary [[BR]]
    300  * [wiki:InstMeasTopic_4.6MessagingService  status at GEC13]  [[BR]]
    301  * An XMPP server has been setup at UMass Amherst  for OMF messages. [[BR]]
    302  * An XMPP server is operational at Rutgers WINLAB (and other GENI wireless sites) for OMF messages. [[BR]]
    303  * An XML messaging service has been prototyped by the IMF project, that includes authorization.  [[BR]]
    304  * [  status at GEC14] [[BR]]
    306 Discussion  [[BR]]
    307  * Who is lead/leads?  [[BR]]
    308  * Where will XMPP servers be located?  will they be fully federated?  [[BR]]
    309  * How do we set "topics" in XMPP servers to support OMF messages?  [[BR]]
    310  * Will these XMPP servers provide a generalized GENI XML messaging service?  If so, what functions will be included?
    311  * What authorization mechanisms will be required?  [[BR]]
    312  * Will the GEMINI project want to use the XML messaging service?  [[BR]]
    313  * Will other parts of GENI (e.g., monitoring) want to use the XML messaging service?  [[BR]]
    314  * Do we need a breakout session for further discussion?  when?  [[BR]]
    315  * We need an operations plan for reliable service;  when?  who?   [[BR]]
    317149=== S2)  iRODS Service ===
    318 9:10am [[BR]]
     1509:15am [[BR]]
    320152Shu Huang (RENCI) [[BR]]
    344176 * Do we need a breakout session for further discussion?  when?  [[BR]]
    346 === S3) IREEL/Lab wiki Portal Service ===
    347 9:20am [[BR]]
     178=== S3) GIMI Portal Service ===
     1799:30am [[BR]]
    349181Max Ott and Christoph Dwertmann (NICTA);  Mike Zink and Cong Wang (UMass Amherst) [[BR]]
    371203=== S4)  GEMINI portal-to-GUIs Service ===
    372 9:30am [[BR]]
     2049:40am [[BR]]
    374206Charles Carpenter (U Kentucky) [[BR]]
    391223=== S5) UNIS Service ===
    392 9:40am  [[BR]]
     2249:45am  [[BR]]
    394226Ahmed El-Hassany (IU)  [[BR]]
    413245== 7)  Goals for the next 4 months ==
    414 9:50am [[BR]]
     2469:55am [[BR]]
    416248Harry Mussman  (GPO) [[BR]]