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    11= ExoGENI GEC15 Tutorial =
     4== Schedule ==
     6Wed.,  October 24th  [[BR]]
     71:00pm -  2:30pm  [[BR]]
     9== Session Leaders ==
     11Ilia Baldine, RENCI/UNC-CH  [[BR]]
     14== Abstract ==
     16The [ ExoGENI testbed] is part of the GENI federation and is under active deployment and development. The control software for ExoGENI is a special deployment of [ ORCA] software, originally developed at Duke University by Jeff Chase and later adapted for GENI jointly by RENCI and Duke. As part of the GENI federation, ExoGENI accepts GENI user credentials and allows experimenters the use of GENI AM API-based tools like [wiki:GEC15Agenda/IntroToOmni Omni]. This tutorial is targeted at highlighting some of the unique features of ExoGENI. At the end of the tutorial, attendees are expected to understand the basics of creating various slice topologies on ExoGENI within and between individual sites/racks, as well as interfacing with GENI Mesoscale OpenFlow deployment on NLR.
     18== Preparation ==
     20 1. To prepare for the tutorial, each participant should install [ VirtualBox] on their computer. Images with the tutorial VM will be handed out immediately prior to the tutorial.
     22 2. Account information for all tools will be handed out on paper to the participants at the beginning of the tutorial.