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Aggregate Manager Topics

At this developers session, we will discuss several issues relating to developing GENI aggregates and standardizing aggregate behavior. In particular, we will discuss implementing inter-aggregate VLAN stitching, issues encountered while implementing AM API v3, and adding Update() to the AM API (as discussed at the GEC14 coding sprint). This session will begin conversations that will be continued at the Coding Sprint session.


Tuesday, 1pm - 2:30pm

Session Leader

Aaron Helsinger, GENI Project Office


  • Stitching -- Tom Lehman, MAX
    • Progress Report
    • Implementation Plan
    • Design of Stitching Services
    • Stitching Schema v2
    • Questions?
  • AM API
    • Version 3 Status - Aaron Helsinger (slides)
    • AM API Tweaks
      • Change Set N: Additional GetVersion fields
      • Change Set O: Refine Character Restrictions
      • Shared VLANs
      • Discussion
    • AM API: Change Set C:Update() -- Rob Ricci for Jon Duerig, ProtoGENI / InstaGENI
  • Discussion

Background Reading

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