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    132132 * NYU Poly experience  (need summary)  [[BR]]
     1341) physical host acting as base station controller, runs the asn-gw and wimaxrf AM.
     135It has Ethernet connections to the NEC IDU, NYU-Poly network (and Internet), and very soon GENI backbone (campus IS just informed me that they will be testing that tomorrow).
     136We have firewall rules set up so this host only accepts traffic from host (2) on the wimaxrf AM port. This allows us to make sure that only users with a current reservation can configure the BS.
     1372) physical host running OMF 5.3 AM, EC, and some other services that are useful for the testbed.
     138It has Ethernet connections to NYU-Poly network (internet) and OMF control network.
     139This is the host that testbed users log on to. We have firewall rules set up on this host so that only users with a current reservation can configure the BS or communicate with the testbed nodes.
     1403) physical host that serves our group website and the reservation system for the testbed. It's connected to the NYU-Poly network (and Internet)
     141(1) and (2) run Ubuntu, (3) runs Windows.
     142Our testbed nodes are scattered throughout several CS labs and research areas (not part of our group). They are connected to the pre-existing Ethernet jacks in the walls and floors of those rooms, which all go back to a CS server room, where we patch them through to our own (non-openflow) switch for the control network.
     143We do have an openflow switch that we plan to deploy somewhere at some point.
    134148 * BBN experience  (need summary)  [[BR]]
    136150 * Wisconsin experience   (need summary)  [[BR]]
     153> All services are running on the same physical machine.HP server that came with the base station. The base OS is
     154> Debian and virtual machines using for the services (Virtualbox).
     156> Physical machine network connections:
     157> Eth0 ( University network (internet)
     158> Eth1 ( Network to IDU of base station
     159> Eth2 ( Control network for omf
     160> Eth3: Connected to openflow (physically, but not enabled until we can
     161> get a vlan tag to GENI backbone)
     163> Base operating system:  Debian
     164> Virtualbox guests:
     165>       1.  Ubuntu 9.04 ->  aggmgr 5.2 ->  wimaxrf service
     166>               Eth0 (  bridged interface to university
     168>               Eth1(  bridged interface to base station network
     170>       2.  Ubuntu 10.04 ->  aggmgr 5.3 ->  cmcStub, Frisbee, inventory,
     172> result, saveimage
     173>                             Also expctl, resctl, and xmpp on same machine
     174>               Eth0 ( bridged interface to university
     176>               Eth1 ( bridged interface to control network
    138180 * Coming:  plan to federate with ProtoGENI cluster  [[BR]]