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    1313== Agenda / Details ==
     15The performance of many network systems depends on the behavior of
     16aggregate Internet traffic, which follows rules and statistics that
     17are poorly understood. The usefulness of many applications depends on
     18interactions between human beings, which are difficult to
     19simulate. This implies that many GENI-based projects will need to use
     20operational network traffic in order to produce reliable results.
     22Many researchers hesitate to use operational network traffic, since
     23there are many ethical and administrative issues related to using
     24operational network traffic. These include:
     26What privacy expectations do network users have?
     28What privacy expectations should network users have?
     30What are the liability implications for experimenters, universities,
     31businesses and funding agencies of experimentation using network
     32traffic containing information from individual users?
     34Is it necessary (should it be necessary) for individual users to
     35approve network experiments using their data flows?
     37What safeguards should be provided to prevent disturbing network
     40What types of experiments on operational network traffic should not be
     43What steps should a prudent experimenter take before using operational
     46Are there different classes of users that need to be considered
     47(ex. students at the local university with IT approval, users who
     48agree to join in a prototype system, the public at large)?
     50This session will be a group discussion of these issues. One case
     51history will be provided for a project using operational traffic. The
     52role of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) will be discussed and