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OMF Tutorial


Monday, July 9, 2012, 10:30am - 12noon

Session Leaders

Christoph Dwertmann and Max Ott, NICTA

Agenda / Details

OMF (cOntrol and Management Framework) is a control, measurement and management framework for experimental platforms (aka testbeds).

OMF was originally developed for the ORBIT wireless testbed at WINLAB, Rutgers University. Since 2008, OMF has been extended and maintained by NICTA (Australia) in collaboration with WINLAB.

OMF is being used to manage the GENI WiMAX wireless testbeds. It is also used to manage instrumentation and measurement (I&M) services installed by the GIMI I&M toll set.

Introduction to OMF

From an experimenter's perspective, OMF provides:

a domain-specific language, named OEDL, which allows the user to:

describe the resources needed for an experiment, and their required configuration describe the applications to use in an experiment, and the measurements to collect from them describe the different tasks to perform during an experiment, and the time or event that trigger them

a set of software tools, which:

accept as an input a previously described experiment initialise and configure the needed resources with the required configuration and applications send commands to the resources to effectively execute the described experiment tasks at the appropriate time/events collect measurement data from the applications and/or the resources access and analyse the resulting experimental data

This hands-on tutorial will give participants the opportunity to use OMF to setup and manage experiments. (in what environment/platform?)

This tutorial is strongly recommended for those who are not familiar with OMF, and who are going to participate in the WiMAX tutorial and/or the ExoGENI/GIMI tutorial.

Limit: 30 active participants, plus up to ? auditors.

Active participants will need a laptop equipped with an SSH client (such as Putty for Windows) and a web browser.