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NetKarma - A Provenance Tool for Experimenters


Monday July 9, 10:30 am - noon

Session Leaders

Beth Plale, Indiana University
Scott Jensen, Indiana University
Chris Small, Indiana University

Agenda / Details

The goal of the netKarma Provenance tutorial is to show GENI experimenters how they can capture the provenance of the experiments they are running, and then store, preserve, view, and download the provenance from the netKarma Portal. The tutorial will start with an overview of provenance and its role in enabling experimenters to communicate about their experiments with other users.

Using the eXtensible Session Protocol (XSP), participants will run an experiment on Protogeni that generates a provenance log file. Following a brief overview of the portal process for ingesting and managing the provenance of Geni experiments, each participant will load the log file they just generated using the portal's drag and drop interface; generating a unique DOI that can be used to reference their experiment going forward. The portal will process their log file through netKarma to generate a provenance graph that they can view on-line and download.

Participants will walk through viewing the provenance, topology, and measurement graphs from Periscope/GEMINI for their experiment.

To view more complex experiments, participants will access and download provenance graphs through the portal for experiments that have already been processed through netKarma. They will then use the Geni plug-ins for the Cytoscape visualization tool to view and explore the provenance experiments.