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    3 = InstaGENI and GEMINI Tutorial =
     3= InstaGENI/GEMINI Tutorial =
    55== Schedule ==
    7 Tuesday, 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm (with a short break)
     7Tuesday, July 10  [[BR]]
     91:30pm -  3:30pm  [[BR]]
     10break  [[BR]]
     114pm - 5:30pm  [[BR]]
     13Room:    [[BR]]
     15Active participants:  max 15x2 = 30?  [[BR]]
     17Auditors:  max?  [[BR]]
    920== Session Leaders ==
     22InstaGENI/ProtoGENI:  ?  [[BR]]
     24GEMINI:  Hussam Nasir (Univ of Kentucky) and Guilherme Fernandes (Indiana Univ)  [[BR]]
    13 == Agenda / Details ==
     27== Abstract ==
     29The [  InstaGENI project] is designing, documenting, and building GENI racks, with a combination of host and networking resources, at several campus sites, for use by GENI experimenters.  Initial versions of the InstaGENI racks will use ProtoGENI software for control and management.
     31The [  GEMINI project] is developing an instrumentation and measurement framework, capable of supporting the needs of both GENI experimenters and GENI infrastructure operators. Currently, it includes functionality from two recent GENI projects: INSTOOLS and LAMP.  (LAMP is based on the perfSONAR system, modified for use in the GENI environment.) GEMINI will collect and manage both substrate metrics and active network measurements.   
     33The first part of this tutorial will be focus on gathering resources for an experiment from InstaGENI/protoGENI racks into a slice, and then conducting a basic experiment.  (If an InstaGENI rack is not available for use in this part of the tutorial, a ProtoGENI instance from a differnet cluster will be used.) [[BR]]
     35The second part of this session will introduce the GEMINI instrumentation and measurement (I&M) tools, and then show how to instrument an experiment that is executed on an InstaGENI/ProtoGENI slice.  (At this time, running the current GEMINI code on an InstaGENI rack is not practical;  instead, the part of the tutorial will be run on a ProtoGENI instance at the Univ of Kentucky. [[BR]]
     37After successfully finishing the tutorial, attendees should be able to instrument their own InstaGENI/ProtoGENI-based experiments. (It is expected that InstaGENI racks will become available shortly after GEC14, and a port-mapping feature in the ProtoGENI software will soon be avaialble.  Then, the GEMINI software will be tested, and then be made available, for operation on InstaGENI racks.  [[BR]]
     41== Preparation ==
     43Active participants will need a laptop equipped with an SSH client (such as [ Putty]  for Windows), and a web browser.
     46==  InstaGENI/ProtoGENI Tutorial Content ==
     48== GEMINI Tutorial Content ==