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I&M and Monitoring


Monday, 1:30-3:00 pm

Session Leaders

Jeanne Ohren, Chaos Golubitsky, Sarah Edwards, GPO

Session Description

The I&M and operational monitoring communities are actively developing tools and collecting data which are of use to experimenters and operators in GENI. This session will discuss the current state of the tools and data used by each of these communities with the goal of allowing and encouraging each to leverage the work done by the other.

In the first part of the session, representatives of operational monitoring, GIMI, and GEMINI will describe their projects with an emphasis on the current state of tools and data which might be of interest to other projects. In particular, GMOC will demo the current state of operational monitoring tools and each of the Spiral 4 I&M projects will discuss their current status.

In the second part of the session, we will discuss what tools and techniques each community has which could be leveraged by the other community. In particular, Jeanne Ohren will set the stage for the discussion by describing examples of tools and data that are strengths of each community and posing questions for discussion.


  • Part I: Current status
    • TBD, GPO - Welcome and Introduction
    • TBD, GMOC - Demo of operational monitoring improvements GMOC has been working on in 2012
    • TBD, GIMI - GIMI: Description and current status
    • TBD, GEMINI - GEMINI: Description and current status
  • Part II: Future directions
    • Jeanne Ohren, GPO - How can our communities leverage the other's work in the near future?
    • All, Discussion/Q&A

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