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    7777=== GENI !ShadowNet at GEC 14 ===
    79 ''Demo participants:''
     79 ''Demo participants:James Griffioen, Zongming Fei, and Hussamuddin Nasir (University of Kentucky, Laboratory for Advanced Networking)''
    8080We will demonstrate the integration of the !ShadowNet virtualization control software with INSTOOLS. We plan to demonstrate the new Portal developed.
    122122=== Multi-Site Experimentation with GENI WiMAX ===
    124 ''Demo participants:''
     124 ''Demo participants: Fraida Fund and Thanasis Korakis (Polytechnic Institute of NYU)''
    125125We will demonstrate a multi-site wireless experiment running across the Internet2 backbone connecting the GENI WiMAX testbeds at NYU-Poly and at WINLAB.
    136136=== Performance Analysis of DDoS Detection Methods on GENI ===
    138  ''Demo participants: Prof. Richard R Brooks, Katherine Cameron''
     138 ''Demo participants: Prof. Richard R Brooks, Katherine Cameron (Clemson University)''
    139139The GENI network infrastructure enables security research that has not been possible before due to potential disruption to production networks. This project includes a number of security and privacy experiments that include:
    140140WiMAX DDoS analysis with analysis of variance finding vulnerable control parameter settings;Privacy/Anonymity side-channel Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) will be inferred to break anonymity systems;DDoS traffic measurement to map attack severity vs. network topology; Side-channel vulnerability removal protocol tested at scale;DDoS countermeasure testing to neutralize DDoS attacks;
    142142=== Clemson WiMAX BW Contention Resolution and DDoS demo ===
    144  ''Demo participants: Prof. Richard R Brooks,Ilker Ozcelik''
     144 ''Demo participants: Prof. Richard R Brooks,Ilker Ozcelik (Clemson University)''
    145145WiMAX is a growing 4G protocol. Simulations have shown that WiMAX system throughput is sensitive to bandwidth contention parameters. ANOVA analysis of simulated DDoS attacks suggest that two parameters account for over 80% of the variance in system throughput. Using Rutgers University's ORBIT testbeds we are now examining the cross layer affects of these parameters on physical WiMAX systems. This work intends to verify software simulations and to test the fidelity of the ns-2 simulation for wireless systems. Our demo will follow up from GEC13 demo, demonstrating work to date of replicating these results with hardware-in-the-loop, including a summary of our analysis of the indoor and outdoor WiMAX networks that are part of ORBIT and progress since GEC13. A poster, slide presentation, and video demonstration will be used to present update of our research and insight to how our experiments our conducted.
    152152=== !WiRover/WiMAX demo ===
    154 ''Demo participants:''
     154 ''Demo participants:Derek Meyer and Suman Banerjee (Wisconsin Wireless and NetworkinG Systems (WiNGS) laboratory, Cisco Systems)''
    156156== Security and Socially Aware Projects ==