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    3131=== GENICloud Demonstration  ===
     33''Demo participants:''
    3334Demonstration of a persistent Cloud infrastructure over multiple sites and continents, tied to the PlanetLab Control Framework. We will demonstrate Federated access control using ABAC, and federated access control between PlanetLab and GENICloud. We will demonstrate interoperation of PlanetLab and GENICloud slices.
    3536=== ExoGENI demo ===
     38''Demo participants:''
    3739This will demonstrate the capabilities of ExoGENI testbed and its integration with other GENI components. Single- and multi-site topology embedding, OpenFlow experiments, connections to Meso-scale resources.
    3941=== InstaGENI Demonstration ===
     43''Demo participants:''
    4144Demonstration of the InstaGENI rack. We will demonstrate allocation of nodes on the InstaGENI rack; allocation of OpenFlow slices on the rack; instantiation of a PlanetLab node and allocation of an IG-PL slice; and federation with GENICloud
    4346=== KanseiGenie  ===
     48''Demo participants:''
    4549The KanseiGenie team will demonstrate the new Benchtop miniArray Kit software package for easy setup of wireless sensor networks in a classroom setting. The demo will include examples of deploying sensor experiments intended to educate student end-users about scientific principles. Finally, the demo will show the kit registering with ORCA Control Framework actors running in the cloud for federated experimentation.
    4751=== IMF demo ===
     53''Demo participants:''
    4954The IMF project goals of the current spiral include showing integration of the OMF-style RC for the optical substrate functionality set. The demo will show current IMF capabilities, which include authentication (of user/entity using message service, and message sent by that user) and authorization (of the user to send the message), and also to show an experiment controller and resource controller modeled after the corresponding OMF entities using this service to communicate, with a focus on the above.
    5156=== OnTimeMeasure Demo  ===
     58''Demo participants:''
    5359We will demonstrate OnTimeMeasure performance measurements of GENI backbone and access networks from the context of a Virtual Desktop Cloud GENI experiment featuring non-IP and OpenFlow related traffic.
    5561=== NetKarma ===
     63''Demo participants:''
    5764NetKarma: Geni Provenance Registry and Portal NetKarma enables Geni experimenters to capture the provenance of their experiments and then visualize it through the netKarma Portal and Geni plug-ins to the Cytoscape visualization tool. In this demo we will show capturing, uploading, and visualizing the provenance of experiments run on GUSH, the NS2 simulator, ProtoGENI, and WiMAX experiments run on Orbit.
    5966=== MAX Stitching Demonstration ===
     68''Demo participants:''
    6169In this demonstration we will show multi-aggregate stitching between the MAX and CRON Aggregates. This will include the provision of resources across the MAX Aggregate, CRON Aggregate, Internet2 ION, and LONI Regional network. Use of the MAX and ION Aggregate Managers which are now compatible with the GENIv3 RSpec formats will be demonstrated. This functionality will be described in the context of the larger multi-aggregate stitching architecture and implementation work underway. The OMNI Client will be used to coordinate Sliver creation across multiple aggregates as part of multi-aggregate slice stitching. Demonstration will include the cases where the Dynamic Circuit Network (DCN) networks in between the GENI Aggregates all have a GENI Aggregate Manager "covering" them, and the case where some (or all) of the DCN networks do not have a GENI AM API.
    6472=== GMOC Monitoring ===
     74''Demo participants:''
    6675GMOC and GPO will demo performance and operational status monitoring of meso-scale and GENI Racks infrastructure. This will include an enhanced user interface to the GMOC portal, focusing on views experimenters and infrastructure providers can use to view the state of GENI.
    6877=== GENI !ShadowNet at GEC 14 ===
     79''Demo participants:''
    7080We will demonstrate the integration of the !ShadowNet virtualization control software with INSTOOLS. We plan to demonstrate the new Portal developed.
    7484=== GpENI demo ===
     86''Demo participants:''
    7687Demonstration of GpENI (Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation) programmable testbed for future Internet research. GpENI is an international testbed centered on a Midwest US regional optical network that is programmable at all layers of the protocol stack, using PlanetLab, VINI, and DCN, and interconnected to ProtoGENI in the US as well as G-Lab, !NorNet, and !ResumeNet in Europe. We will demonstrate the topology, functionality, and operations of GpENI as well as the Openflow infrastructure being deployed in KanREN.
    7889=== Secure and Resilient Virtual Trust Routing Framework for Future Internet ===
     91''Demo participants:''
    8092Demonstration of Secure and Resilient Virtual Trust Routing (SeRViTR) infrastructure between three geographically distributed sites: SeRViTR is a secure and resilient routing network architecture in which services with differences in trustability, guarantees and priorities can co-exist in a virtualized environment. We will demonstrate the resilient virtual trust routing in a single domain constructed between three universities, and the effect of policy management on the virtual routing in the domain.
    8294=== K-GENI Demo ===
     96''Demo participants:''
    8497KISTI will introduce the updated technologies and features of programmable & high performance K-GENI international testbed dedicated for Future Internet researches/experiments, demonstrating federated meta operations on the testbed. Federated meta operations demo will highlight the prototype of user-oriented virtual network operations based on international GMOC-DvNOC federation. In addition, ETRI will have poster and slide presentation of our new !OpenRack project, which allows interconnection of VMs (virtual machines) in a centralized, programmable manner using OpenFlow/SDN, !OpenvSwitch, and !OpenStack technologies.
    8699=== Dynamic cloud infrastructure using Trema and !OpenStack ===
     101''Demo participants:''
    88102This demonstration shows one of the open source implementations of "GENI Rack" which consists of OpenFlow controller based on Trema and !OpenStack. Multiple tenants, each one of them consists of VMs, virtual network slices, and arbitral configuration between them, are dynamically configured and instantiated through GUI.
    90104=== iGENI-Slice Around The World - Phase 1 ===
     106''Demo participants:''
    92107The ‘Slice Around the World” initiative was established to demonstrate the powerful potential of designing and implementing world wide environments consisting of Global computational clouds closely integrated with highly programmable networks. The initiative has been established by network research centers/research labs that are participating in multiple next generation networking activities, including those developing large scale distributed experimental network research environment, such as those be implemented by such initiatives as the NSF Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI), the EU Future Internet Research Environment (FIRE), the Japanese New Generation Internet, the Korean Future Internet initiatives, the German Future Internet Lab (G-Lab), and others. These environments are being developed by researchers for researchers. An important goal for many of the current projects would be to have persistent global environments directly developed and managed by the research community to support their experimental research. This demonstration will show: (1) phase 1 connected sites around the world (2) example nano-science simulation/visualization with distributed sites over this persistent global environments.
    96111=== PrimoGENI demo ===
     113''Demo participants:''
    97115=== Internet2 Demo ===
     117''Demo participants:''
    99118Internet2 will demo progress toward implementing GENI interfaces on its Advanced Layer2 Service production network, and discuss updates to it's Advanced Layer2 Service and GENI.
    103122=== Multi-Site Experimentation with GENI WiMAX ===
     124''Demo participants:''
    105125We will demonstrate a multi-site wireless experiment running across the Internet2 backbone connecting the GENI WiMAX testbeds at NYU-Poly and at WINLAB.
    107127=== Running Opportunistic Mobile Wireless Network Experiments on ORBIT ===
     129''Demo participants:''
    109130The demo will show how pigeon network (an opportunistic mobile wireless network) experiments run on the ORBIT testbed. The experiment demonstrated will involve both stationary and mobile nodes communicating over wireless networks. During the experiment, a web-based animation will show the dynamic locations of the nodes and a text console will show network activities between the nodes.
    111132=== Demonstration of a WiMAX-Optical hybrid network with dynamic switching. ===
     134''Demo participants:''
    112136=== Performance Analysis of DDoS Detection Methods on GENI ===
     138 ''Demo participants: Prof. Richard R Brooks, Katherine Cameron''
    114139The GENI network infrastructure enables security research that has not been possible before due to potential disruption to production networks. This project includes a number of security and privacy experiments that include:
    115140WiMAX DDoS analysis with analysis of variance finding vulnerable control parameter settings;Privacy/Anonymity side-channel Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) will be inferred to break anonymity systems;DDoS traffic measurement to map attack severity vs. network topology; Side-channel vulnerability removal protocol tested at scale;DDoS countermeasure testing to neutralize DDoS attacks;
    117142=== Clemson WiMAX BW Contention Resolution and DDoS demo ===
     144''Demo participants:''
    119145WiMAX is a growing 4G protocol. Simulations have shown that WiMAX system throughput is sensitive to bandwidth contention parameters. ANOVA analysis of simulated DDoS attacks suggest that two parameters account for over 80% of the variance in system throughput. Using Rutgers University's ORBIT testbeds we are now examining the cross layer affects of these parameters on physical WiMAX systems. This work intends to verify software simulations and to test the fidelity of the ns-2 simulation for wireless systems. Our demo will follow up from GEC13 demo, demonstrating work to date of replicating these results with hardware-in-the-loop, including a summary of our analysis of the indoor and outdoor WiMAX networks that are part of ORBIT and progress since GEC13. A poster, slide presentation, and video demonstration will be used to present update of our research and insight to how our experiments our conducted.
    121147=== Global Name Resolution Service: Scalable Mobility Support in !MobilityFirst FIA ===
     149''Demo participants:''
    123150!MobilityFirst FIA proposes a distributed, in-network service to track and resolve the location (i.e. topological address) of named network objects under a host of demanding mobility situations. We show in this demonstration the workings of the GNRS service and the performance of sample applications under host and network mobility scenarios, which we orchestrate using both real and emulated mobility on the GENI Mesoscale deployment.
    124152=== !WiRover/WiMAX demo ===
     154''Demo participants:''
    126156== Security and Socially Aware Projects ==
    128158=== TIED Demo ===
     160''Demo participants:''
    130161Demonstration of high level ABAC policy tools that enable system managers, resource owners, and other stakeholders to define and understand GENI
    132163=== Socially Aware Single System Image ===
     165''Demo participants:''
    133167=== Occupying GENI with Social Packets ===
     169''Demo participants:''
    135170One of the critical tasks in performing research experiments is to control and re-produce the background and interaction activities in the real world. In this experiment/demonstration, we will introduce a new abstraction for this purpose, called "social packets". Each social packet captured the interactions among a group of social media users on a particular subject within a particular user community. And, users participated over time on many of such related social packets. For instance, some of the packets we have been collecting are from the occupy movement since last year. And, we will show how these social packets are all about (what do they really mean) and how they can be replayed on GENI.
    137172=== Hive Mind Demo ===
     174''Demo participants:''
    139175We will be demonstrating simulations of our of Hive Mind system with regard to a variety of security scenarios. We will also be demonstrating a basic command & control interface for operating and monitoring the Hive Mind software.