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GENI Clearinghouse and Portal


Tuesday, 1:30 pm - 3:30pm

Session Leaders

Aaron Helsinger and Tom Mitchell, GENI Project Office

Agenda / Details

During this session, the GPO will discuss and demonstrate the prototype GENI Clearinghouse, and a web portal for experimenters to reserve GENI resources through the Clearinghouse. At GEC13, the GENI architects ratified the GENI software architecture. GENI resource reservations will be coordinated by a GENI Clearinghouse that contains multiple software components. This Clearinghouse will be the source for GENI accounts and credentials, when it goes live some time around GEC15. Experimenters will primarily interact with the Clearinghouse through a new web portal, which uses InCommon single sign on.

We will demonstrate the prototype portal and discuss future directions, integrating other experimenter tools, and solicit feedback.

Nominal Agenda:

  • Introducing the GENI Portal and Clearinghouse
  • GENI Portal Preview <---- DEMO!
  • Portal Architecture and Implementation
  • GENI Clearinghouse Vision
  • Clearinghouse Architecture and Implementation
  • Discussion and Questions

Background Reading

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