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    2222We will demonstrate the prototype portal and discuss future directions, integrating other experimenter tools, and solicit feedback.
    24 '''Nominal Agenda''':
    2525 * Introducing the GENI Portal and Clearinghouse
    2626 * GENI Portal Preview     <---- DEMO!
    2929 * Clearinghouse Architecture and Implementation
    3030 * Discussion and Questions
     32'''Session Summary''':
     34At the session, Aaron and Tom demonstrated the GENI Portal and GENI Clearinghouse. The portal is a web tool for calling the new GENI
     35Clearinghouse's open APIs, but which is also a recognized !InCommon service provider. The portal is intended to be the first tool that
     36GENI experimenters use, and so is being built to make it easy to get started with GENI. The Clearinghouse is the implementation of the GENI
     37Software Architecture, built to enable trusted interactions in the GENI Federation. These systems are in development, and will be available for early adopters around GEC15.
     39There were a number of good questions raised during the session.
     41These systems do not currently use ABAC, but all authorization decisions are made based on assertions that in future could be
     42represented using ABAC. The GENI authorization framework is and must be flexible. The portal is mostly just a tool, and others could write
     43their own tools that talk to the Clearinghouse APIs (as well as the GENI Aggregate Manager API) - the only special piece of the portal is
     44that it is a recognized !InCommon service provider, enabling single sign on authentication.
     46For aggregates to work with the clearinghouse, they must simply trust another slice authority. GENI racks will trust the Clearinghouse. Other aggregates will likely also trust the Clearinghouse, but may also continue to trust other slice authorities.
     48The services of the clearinghouse are built to be distributed, supporting load balancing, etc. But we have not done this yet.
     50The portal caches experimenter authorization information for performance, using a short and tunable cache timeout.
     52Ken Klingenstein noted that we should make the portal and clearinghouse support collaboration tools, particularly based on groups.
    3254== Background Reading ==