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GEC 13 VM Setup

This page is for keeping track of the setup of the VM that is going to be used for the GEC 12 tutorials. The VM was create using VirtualBox version 4.1.4. It is running Ubuntu version 10.04 LTS.

Please update this page with information on software you install on the VM: Name and version number of the software, location, etc.. Please put tutorial specific software (e.g. experiment software that is installed onto GENI resources) in the specific directories in the Tutorials directory under the user's home directory (e.g. /home/geni/Tutorials/Omni).

Experimental Workflow Tutorial

  • Installed Omni, Final gcf 1.6 release Install the following packages
    sudo apt-get install python-m2crypto python-dateutil \
                         python-pyopenssl libxmlsec1 xmlsec1 \
                         libxmlsec1-openssl libxmlsec1-dev

Download release gcf1.6

tar xvfz gcf-1.6.tar.gz
\rm gcf-1.6.tar.gz
ln -s gcf-1.6 gcf
  • Added in the end of the .bashrc file of the GENI user these lines
    # set PATH so it includes Omni software if it exists
    if [ -d "/home/geni/Tutorials/ExptWorkflow/gcf/src" ] ; then
        export PYTHONPATH="/home/geni/Tutorials/ExptWorkflow/gcf/src:$PYTHONPATH"
    # set PATH to include scripts for the Experiment Workflow tutorial
    if [ -d "/home/geni/Tutorials/ExptWorkflow/bin" ] ; then