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WiMAX Planning


Thursday, 8:30 am - 10:00 am

Session Leaders

Harry Mussman, GENI Project Office


This session will first review the GENI WiMAX strategy, and then concentrate on plans for the new WiMAX site deployments and extensions that will be supported by Solicitation 3 projects. Next, goals for GENI WiMAX experiments will be presented, and finally current and planned experiments will be discussed.


1) Introductions

2) GENI WiMAX Strategy

Harry Mussman (GPO)

3) New (Sol 3) GENI WiMAX Site Deployments and Extensions

3.1) Airspan Profile-C Base Station, with Associated Hardware and Software

Ivan Seskar (WINLAB) and Harry Mussman (GPO)

3.2) WINLAB/Rutgers University Site Extension Plan

Ivan Seskar (WINLAB)

3.2) UCLA Site Extension Plans

Giovanni Pau (UCLA) and Mario Gerla (UCLA)

3.3) Clemson University Site Deployment Plan

K-C Wang (Clemson)

3.4) University of Wisconsin Site Extension Plan

Suman Banerjee (Wisconsin)

3.5) University of Michigan Site Deployment Plan

Morley Mao (Michigan)

3.6) Wayne State University Site Deployment Plan

Hongwei Zhang (Wayne State)

3.7) Discussion of Deployment Issues and Suggestions from Current Sites

Moderator: Harry Mussman (GPO)

4) GENI WiMAX Experiments

5) GENI WiMAX Strategy Issues

6) Adjourn

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