Security Experimentation


Tuesday, 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Session Leaders

Sean Peisert, University of California, Davis, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Agenda / Details

The goal of this session is to attempt to come up with answers for the following five questions:

  1. what kind of security experiments can be run on GENI?
  1. are any of these new classes of experiments that are particular to GENI?
  1. what modifications might be needed to GENI policies or infrastructure to enable such experiments to be run?
  1. if or how should GENI Operations should be involved with security experiments?
  1. what is considered a "security"-relevant experiment?

We will have short presentations from Gale Pomper (Indiana Univ.) and Stephen Schwab (USC ISI) followed by a (moderated) group discussion.

Draft Experimenter's Code of Ethics, by Stephen Schwab

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