Tutorial: Quick and Easy Network Service and Packet Processing using NetServ


Tuesday, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Session Leaders

Jae Woo Lee and Roberto Francescangeli, Columbia University

Agenda / Details

NetServ is a programmable router architecture, designed for dynamically deploying in-network services. Using NetServ, GENI experimenters can write TCP/IP and packet processing application modules quickly in Java, and dynamically install them into any NetServ-enabled !ProtoGENI or PlanetLab nodes. In this hands-on tutorial, you will learn the NetServ architecture, and develop a simple NetServ application module.

A step-by-step instruction is available here: NetServTutorialInstruction



  • Basic understanding of GENI concepts
  • Java programming experience

Helpful, but not required:

  • Experience working with ProtoGENI (covered in an earlier tutorial: Introduction to GENI using Flack by Rob Ricci)

Please arrive with:

A laptop with Pre-work completed (see below) if you want to follow along the hands-on tutorial.



None, if you simply wants to watch the tutorial.

If you want to follow along the tutorial with your hands on the keyboard:

Suggested background materials if you have time:

  • 14-minute video of NetServ demo at GEC9 plenary session:

  • Latest paper describing NetServ (14 pages):


After completing this tutorial, you will:

  • Understand NetServ architecture--for example, how various technologies such as Netfilter, JNI and OSGi work together to enable packet processing in Java.
  • See how NetServ can shorten the development cycle of your experiments, and how it can create a gentler educational environment for your networking classroom.
  • Know how to write a NetServ application module.
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