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Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M) Working Session at the GEC-13

Tuesday, March 13, 10:00am-12noon and 1:30pm-3:00pm
Session leader: Harry Mussman (GENI Project Office, Raytheon BBN Technologies)


This is the I&M working session that will review progress towards a comprehensive set of I&M tools for GENI experimenters and for infrastructure measurement.

It will start with reports from several of the design topic teams formed at the GEC-12 working session; these will include the contributions of the I&M projects continuing from Solicitation 2.

Then the two large Solicitation 3 I&M D&P projects, GIMI and GEMINI, will review their progress.

Finally, we will discuss how to support experimenters and infrastructure measurement.



This is a tentative agenda, which may change.

1) Introductions


2) Reports by I&M design topic teams


At GEC12, nine I&M priority design topics were identified, and nine teams were assigned to understand and resolve these topics by GEC13.

See the list of topics, including a brief summary of each topic.

3) Adjourn


4) Update on GIMI project =

1:30pm PI: Mike Zink (UMass Amherst)
Co-PI/Key: Max Ott (NICTA); Ilia Baldine (RENCI); David Irwin (UMass Amherst); Thanasis Korakis (NYU Poly)


*Starts with OML, and provides easy-to-use tools for GENI environment

*First focus: I&M use cases for experiments, with default OML Client in nodes that gathers passive measurements like INSTOOLS
*Second focus on I&M use cases for infrastructure measurement
*Later focuse: add sensor measurement data, carried in data network

*Spiral 4 supported aggregates: ORCA servers/VMs and ExoGENI (RENCI) racks
*Later: Support for WiMAX sites
*Spiral 5 supported aggregates: protoGENI/Emulab servers/VMs and InstaGENI (HP) racks

*Introduces XML messaging service, with pub/sub, in public IP space
*Introduces iRODS service for digital object archive.

Members of the GIMI project will review:

*Current architecture and design

*Current status

*Preview of tonight's GEC-13 demo

*Plan for GEC-14 tutorial

5) Update on GEMINI project

2pm PI: Martin Swany (Indiana U)
Co-PI/Key: Chris Small (Indiana U); Eric Boyd (Internet2); Jim Griffioen (U Kentucky); Zongming Fei (U Kentucky)
; Hussamuddin Nasir (U Kentucky)


Starts with INSTOOLS, which provide easy-to-use tools in GENI environment for experimenters
++Fold INSTOOLS features into LAMP to form GEMINI tools, and then discontinue INSTOOLS

Focus: I&M use cases for experiments
Supported aggregates: protoGENI servers
Utilized experiment control tools: FLACK, with additions
Utilized interfaces: protoGENI API for resources; ns3 for topology; ssh for image loading; vnc for server login;

Portal to find presentation services in each Measurement Collector; includes vnc for login to server

Can use Kentucky and CNRI archive services

Starts with LAMP
First focus on providing easy-to-use tools in GENI environment for experimenters
Setup within an experimenters slice
Basic user node image contains suite of perfSONAR tools; provides perfSONAR data interface; application loaded last
Measurement Collector (MC) (taking MC name from INSTOOLS) image contains UNIS registry (lookup and toplogy) and Periscope portal services
MC uses protoGENI credential to pull data from perfSONAR data interface on each user node
MC and user nodes can be anywhere in GENI

Supported aggregates: protoGENI servers?
Utilized experiment control tools: ?
Utilized interfaces: protoGENI API for resources?; ns3 for topology?; ssh for image loading?;
Check report from Ali Sydney (Aug 19, 2011) on experience using LAMP to monitor OF slice.

Move to: ORCA aggregate/ExoGENIrack, and then ?
Move to: GUSH experiment control tools, with OMNI, or ?
Move to: GENI AM API for resources; GENI rspec v3; ssh for node configure; or ?

Continue to setup within resources assigned by slice mechanism, but modify request rspec to add I&M features before submitting; how to pass manifest to UNIS?; how to create and edit MDOD?

Extend with INSTOOLS features:
Consider how to load tools on top of basic image
Consider how to extend Periscope to include druple content management service
Consider how to add xserver to basic node image, to login from portal using vnc protocol
Continue separate portal service, which is really a gateway service, within a user workspace service
Consider how to add interface to archive service, e.g., iRODs

Consider how to gather customized data from applications (as provided by OML Client)

Second focus on I&M use cases for infrastructure measurement
*Continues to provide for infrastructure measurement, and for sharing of data
*Continues compatibility with perfSONAR services
*Continues home and global Lookup Services

Show how to setup slice that provides perfSONAR data interface, and registers it with globalLookupService
Show how to setup slice that includes Periscope service, and gathers data from perfSONAR data interface on another slice
Show how to use GENI credentials to authorize sharing of data at perfSONAR data interface; move to ABAC?

Show how to monitor clusters/racks
Show how to measure Layer 2 and OpenFlow paths (with input from OnTimeMeasure project)

Members of the GIMI project will review:




6) Support for experimenters


7) Support for infrastructure measurement


8) Adjourn


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