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    1010•       Introduction to GENI racks and GENI resources including ProtoGENI and PlanetLab.[[br]]
    1111•       OS installation and configuration for GENI experiments.[[br]]
    12 •       Familiarity of OMNI tools and introduction to Flack, INSTOOLS, GUSH, OpenFLow, and PrimoGENI.[[br]]
     12•       Familiarity of OMNI tools and introduction to Flack, INSTOOLS, GUSH, OpenFLow, and PrimoGENI.[[br]]G
    1313•       Gain hands-on lab experience with multiple GENI resources and use them to develop a team-based project.[[br]]
    1414•       Lab sessions with GENI experts who will help you design and begin your experiment.[[br]]
    3737May 29, 2012 – June 1, 2012: 8:30am-5pm  [[br]]
    3838June 2, 2012: 8:30am-12:00pm  [[br]]
     40== Prework ==
     41If you are attending the Summer Camp as a participant and you are planning to attend the tutorials then you have to complete the following steps.
     43=== Get a GENI account ===
     44 This account will also give you access to GENI for further experimentation after the summer camp. If you already have an account with then there is nothing more you need to do. If you do not have an account, please follow instructions in the end of the email.
     46In order for you to get a GENI account you will have to follow these instructions. Make sure that in all the forms real email addresses are used, since further instructions are going to be sent through email:
     48   a. If you are a student as your adviser to create a project by filling out this form: .
     49    In the last box, please provide a couple of sentences about how you plan to use GENI for your research.
     51   b. Once the project is approved you should apply for an account at:
     53       using as project name the same project name used your adviser in the previous form.
     55  c. Your adviser should approve your request.
     58=== Download GENI VM ===
     60 Download and install VirtualBox ( on a machine
     61   that you will bring with you to the camp.
     62   If your computer runs Ubuntu 10.04 which comes with VirtualBox
     63   3.1.6_OSE, please download the latest version of VirtualBox.