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    2525=== GEMINI: A GENI Instrumentation and Measurement Infrastructure ===
     27This demo will showcase the current status and emerging directions in the GEMINI project. We will demonstrate the process for adding and using I&M data for experimenters and will show data being gathered from an existing experiment.
    2729=== LEARN-ORCA cluster and VLAN poster ===
    5355=== OnTimeMeasure Demo ===
     57We will demonstrate how I&M capabilities of OnTimeMeasure software/service available for GENI experimenters can be used in an integrated manner with Flack/ProtoGENI, INSTOOLS, Gush, OMNI and LAMP.
    5559=== NetKarma Demo: GENI Provenance Registry and Portal ===
     61 Demo Participants: Chris Small, Scott Jensen, Peng Chen, Yuan Luo
     62 Affiliation: Indiana University
     64 Demonstrating the capture and visualization of provenance for GENI experiments using using the NetKarma provenance registry, Cytoscape provenance visualization plug-ins, and the NetKarma portal. NetKarma captures the provenance of GENI experiments from logs and RSpecs and integrates additional metadata from GMOC regarding an experiment's topology.
    5766=== Federating CRON with PlanetLab MAX with Tree-mode Network Stitching ===
    8089=== Syndicate demo ===
     91Syndicate is a distributed read-write filesystem which harnesses a CDN to deliver file data to a scalable number of readers. It provides the semantics of a traditional distributed filesystem, but by leveraging a CDN it decouples read performance from file persistence. This allows users to keep their data in Syndicate on the media of their choice without impacting aggregate read bandwidth. We will present a walk-through of the functionality Syndicate offers to users, and show how many readers spread across PlanetLab can concurrently read a large file from an origin server's USB stick by streaming the data through a CoBlitz CDN instance in VICCI.
    8293=== MySlice over SFA GUI demo ===
    133144=== Clemson Wimax Demo  ===
     146 Demo participants: Katherine Cameron, Ilker Ozcelik, Richard Brooks
     147 Affiliation: Clemson University
     148 In today’s world the Internet is an environment where people not only communicate but also share knowledge, do business, attend school, and even socialize. As a result of growing dependence on the Internet, one of the biggest concerns of Internet users is security. Unfortunately, the number of security incidents increases exponentially every year. A Distributed Denial-of-Service attack (DDoS attack) disables network services to legitimate users by flooding them. The recent attacks on trusted financial websites, Mastercard and PayPal, are an example of the need for security against DDoS attacks. One of the major problems with Distributed Denial of Service attacks is how difficult it is to detect the source of the attack, because of the many components involved. In this study, we will obtain the Internet traffic signature to use as background traffic in future experiments. By using the real background traffic we will investigate the effectiveness of theoretical DDoS Attack detection techniques on GENI.
    135150=== Demonstration of robust delivery services and multi-homing in MobilityFirst FIA ===
    143 === GEC13 demo: Lehigh Tourist Guide using SECON ===
     158===  Lehigh Tourist Guide using SECON ===
     160We will demo an application that makes use of content centric networking features we have developed in our Secure Content-Centric Mobile Network (SECON) project.
    145163=== TUF Demo  ===
    147165=== TIED GEC Demo  ===
     167    Demonstrate prototype policy management tools that enable system managers, resource owners, and other stakeholders to define and understand GENI authorization policies.
    149169=== Socially Aware Single System Image ===
     171Incentive based schemes for resource pooling among friends to create Single System Image (SSI) clusters.
    151174=== Davis Social Links ===
    157180=== OFUWI: Network Coding ===
     182Our demo in GEC 13 will focus on delivering Network Coding performance through wireless video application. At this time, our encoder is able to combine multiple TCP flows and the decoder later separates them. We will make use of Emulab to facilitate our demo. This GENI experiment integrates NetFPGA cards as key component in our high performance router. We will present a poster with our current results.
    159185=== Demo of Hive Mind Project ===