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    2121=== GENICloud and InstaGENI Demo ===
    22 === Demo request for GEC13: GEMINI: A GENI Instrumentation and Measurement Infrastructure ===
     23 GENICloud: Demonstration of a persistent Cloud infrastructure over multiple sites and continents, tied to the PlanetLab Control Framework. -InstaGENI: GENI Project Office approved racks for networking experimentation at sites.
     25=== GEMINI: A GENI Instrumentation and Measurement Infrastructure ===
    2326=== LEARN-ORCA cluster and VLAN poster ===
    2427=== BISmark: network monitoring_ visualization and event-driven control ===
    2528=== GIMI: Large-scale GENI Instrumentation and Measurement Infrastructure ===
     30In this GEC13 demo we will perform OML-capable Iperf throughput measurements from locations all over the US (potentially all over the world) to instances in different clouds (EC2, GENICloud, ORCA). We will demonstrate how such a measurement can be performed in an automated fashion by i) allocating required resources, ii) instantiating images that include pre-installed measurement tools, iii) permanently storing the data in a distributed repository, and iv) making results available via the GIMI portal. The result will show the network capacities from many locations into several cloud platforms. This information might be critical in deciding where an application that is highly dependent on networking performance should be hosted.
    2632=== ExoGENI demo ===
    2734=== InstaGENI rack demonstration ===
    28 === DIGOBREG GEC13 Demo and Poster ===
    29 === GEC13 demo of IMF message server ===
     36=== DIGOBREG Demo and Poster ===
     38Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) will be demonstrating the functionality of the Measurement Data Archive prototype, which is implemented using the Digital Object Architecture.
     40The Measurement Data Archive prototype system consists of two components: 1) User Workspace and 2) Object Archive. The User Workspace component is an entry point for users (e.g., experimenters, instrumentation researchers, etc.) to store and transfer measurement data, which could be in a variety of forms (e.g., formatted datasets, raw files, etc.). Data and metadata files managed in the user workspace can be archived for long-term storage in an Object Archive. Once data is archived, a persistent and unique identifier is created.
     42=== IMF message server ===
     44 The IMF project goals of the current spiral include showing authentication (of user/entity using message service, and message sent by that user) and authorization (of the user to send the message), and also to show an experiment controller and resource controller modeled after the corresponding OMF entities using this service to communicate. The demo will show current IMF capabilities, with a focus on the above.
    3046=== OnTimeMeasure Demo ===
    3148=== NetKarma Demo: GENI Provenance Registry and Portal ===
    3250=== Federating CRON with PlanetLab MAX with Tree-mode Network Stitching ===
    3452=== Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) Demo  ===
    3554=== GENI ShadowNet ===
     56 We will demonstrate the integration of the ShadowNet virtualization control software with the measurement and instrumentation toolset.
    3858=== GpENI demo  ===
    4060=== SeRViTR and GpENI Demo ===
     61 Secure and Resilient Virtual Trust Routing Framework for Future Internet
     62 Demo Participants: Shingo Ata, Deep Medhi, Dijiang Huang, Akira Wada, Tianyi Xing, Xuan Liu, Parikshit Affiliation: Osaka City University, Arizona State University and University of Missouri – Kansas City
     63 Demonstration of Secure and Resilient Virtual Trust Routing (SeRViTR) infrastructure between three geographically distributed sites: SeRViTR is a secure and resilient routing network architecture in which services with differences in trustability, guarantees and priorities can co-exist in a virtualized environment. We will demonstrate the resilient virtual trust routing in a single domain constructed between three universities, and the effect of policy management on the virtual routing in the domain.
     65 Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation (GpENI) - Dynamic Network Reconfiguration
     66 Demo Participants: Deep Medhi, Parikshit Juluri, Xuan Liu, Shuai Zhao. Affiliation: University of Missouri – Kansas City
     67 Demonstration of Dynamic Network Reconfiguration on GpENI (Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation) programmable testbed: GpENI is an international testbed centered on a Midwest US regional optical network that is programmable at all layers of the protocol stack, using PlanetLab, VINI, and DCN, and interconnected to ProtoGENI in the US and G-Lab and ResumeNet in Europe. We will demonstrate Dynamic Network Reconfiguration on GpENI-VINI, which includes the changing of network topology, packet flow during the reconfiguration process.
    4369=== K-GENI demo ===
     71K-GENI international Future Internet testbed between Korea and the US for GENI collaborations will be introduced with recent updates, and we will demonstrate a software platform developed for the federated network operations and management based on DvNOC and GMOC collaborative works.The federated network operations and management demo includes network abstraction for operations, open data sharing mechanism between international testbeds, and dynamic global identifier generation & allocation for virtual network slices across national boundaries.
    4573=== Syndicate demo ===
    5482=== How real-time simulation enables interaction between real machines and the simulator ===
     84We will show how real-time simulation enables interaction between real machines and the simulator. SeattleGENI will be used as means to launch simultaneous commands from containers attached to our simulator. Also, we will show how our GUI tool called Slingshot is used to receive updates and change simulation states in real-time.
    5686=== Resource allocation demonstration ===
    6797=== Wideband Cognitive Radio Demonstration ===
     99Demonstration of wide-band radio transceiver for the GENI CogRadio system. The demonstration will highlight the WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) radio operating on an FPGA platform. Signal analyzers will demonstrate the system operating at 100MHz, 400MHz, 900Mhz and 2400MHz on a combination of cabled connections (for licensed bands) and free space (for unlicensed bands). The demonstration will also include a poster detailed the software infrastructure employed.
    69101===  WiMax and CIAN collaboration ===
     103This will be a demo of the current initiative to integrate the WiMax basestation with the "smart optical switching test bed" at Columbia University. This is a collaboration between groups at Columbia to demonstrate the smart cross-layer switching of WiMax data through an optical switch with dynamic routing.
    71105=== Streaming between vehicle and infrastructure using Network Coding ===
    90124=== OpenFlow at Clemson: Data Analysis Network ===
     126REU students at Clemson join force with campus network and security engineers to develop this OpenFlow-based tool to flexibly deploy and manage traffic sensors for diverse subnets with different security requirements.
    92128=== OFUWI: Network Coding ===